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Terms & Conditions

Sale Starts at 8 a.m. Sharp DO TO the size of the house we will only be allowing 23 people in at a time . We will try to keep line moving . Garage opens at 8: 00 a.m. FIRST then the house. There is lots in the garage 

A watched List will be honored. ( That is someone sitting with list in there car)
Not responsible for accidents or injuries . Enter at own risk
NOT able to haul, move load or deliver anything . 
I do not give out pricing ,brand,condition etc over the phone . 
Cash OR Credit Card with 3% additional fee for credit card PayPal accepted.
PLEASE be respectful of neighbors and Each other . Thank YOU and Have FUN !

 Description & Details

I am calling this one of Everything vintage and crafty Sale in Cudahy

Let me tell you this first thing there is so much jewelry and costume jewelry from multiple generations every kind of jewelry. More jewelry then all Kirby’s sales combined it is a lot we are still finding boxes. Multiple generations have been packed and kept in this house after Room of Everything Vintage Plus the downstairs is a Craft store with everything you could need or want for craft purposing. I have seen vintage and the stuff is Vintage Just put the word Vintage in front of a word you are thinking and it probably is in this house. Well, almost but you get the idea.. Please note that these pictures are just a preamble to more pictures to come of setup. This is just so you can confirm it is packed and you should mark the date on your calendar so you are in Cudahy that weekend.

  • TONS of Costume Jewelry
  • vintage toys
  • mid century
  • Records
  • Vintage American and Imported Ceramics
  • Vintage Christmas Holidays
  • Plates, Glassware everything household
  • So much we are going to be listing